D-Day remembered - Operation Overlord in pictures

06 June 2009 / /

Today 65 years ago the Allied forces kicked of their conquest of Europe with the landing on the Normandy beaches. The invasion was a success, but it cost thousands of soldiers their lives. In honor of those brave men Gigapica remembers D-Day with these pictures.

The Allied commander general Eisenhower talking to American paratroopers.

The Axis commander, field marshal Rommel (pictured in North Africa)

Allied aircrews work around C-47 transport planes at an unidentified English base.

British paratroopers writing slogans on their Horsa gliding plane.

American paratroopers on their way to Normandy.

Aerial view of the Allied flotilla.

American soldiers disembarking from their landing crafts on Omaha Beach.

Canadian troops with bicycles on Juno Beach.

US Army Rangers at Point du Hoc, Omaha Beach.

British troops take positions on a beach (Juno or Gold).

Allied ships being attacked while fighter planes fly overhead.

US assault troops approach Utah Beach in a barge.

Canadian soldiers land on Juno beach.

American troops on board a LCT. Some of these men wear 101st Airborne Division insignia.

US soldiers surround a burning German tank in a Normandy village.

Cows temporarily stalling the British assault.

German soldiers taking cover behind a hedgerow.

A Normandy farmer offers a glass of Calvados to a British paratrooper.

Horsa glider that crash-landed near Hiesville.

American medic tending to a German soldier.

Hawker Typhoon being rearmed at a forward airfield.

Our liberators now. American veterans attend a flag-lowering ceremony in the US war cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer.