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30 December 2009 / /

Parents and their children playing in the living room... (ANP)

Dutch Vinex-kids. Kinderen vermaken zich met een bordspel op de achterbank van een auto. Het midden van Nederland begint vrijdag aan de zomervakantie. (ANP)

A child (L) of the Penan tribe waves his toy pistol while playing with other children outside his village Long Belok of Malaysia's Sarawak State. The Penan of Sarawak, among the world's last nomadic hunter-gatherers who number about 16,000, have mostly abandoned their nomadic ways and settled into villages by the 1970s under the influence of Christian missionaries. (AFP PHOTO / Saeed KHAN)

A Bangladeshi youth works in a balloon factory in Dhaka on December 17, 2009. A 1995-1996 survey by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics found that some 6.6 million children work as child labourers in Bangladesh which is approximately 2.6% of the world?s child labourers. (AFP PHOTO/Munir uz ZAMAN)

Children enjoy the HD (high-definition) image of a polar bear at Asahiyawa Zoo in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, during a press preview at Sony Building in Tokyo's shopping district of Ginza on December 22, 2009. Visitors will be able to watch the 3D (three dimensions) HD images of amimals at the Japan's northernmost zoo from today until January 17. (AFP PHOTO/Toru YAMANAKA)

Ahmad Feqeh, 12, a wounded boy is treated by a doctor at Abu Yousef al Najar hospital in the camp of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, 04 March 2005. Three Palestinian children including a baby were injured when an explosive device blew up as they were playing in a Gaza Strip refugee camp. (EPA/ALI ALI)

Sri Lankan children play on the edges of the Beira Lake near Colombo. In the congested city, hundreds of families live at the waterís edge in hastily built shanties. The childrens' playing areas sometimes are the narrow edges of the lake. (EPA/M.A.PUSHPA KUMARA)

Children pretend to shoot each other and throw small plastic bags filled with cement powder during role playing war games at the Rachele Rehabilitation Centre in Lira, Uganda. The centre for former child soldiers and abductees from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) uses these games to help children come to terms with the atrocities they either committed or witnessed while they were being held by the rebels during the course of the continuing 18 year civil war in northern Uganda. (EPA/STEPHEN MORRISON)

North Korean primary school children playing at a boarding school for orphans in Wansan, Kangwon Province. (EPA/CARITAS HANDOUT)

An Israeli child rhern town of Ashkelon late on Wednesday, 29 September 2004 after being injured in the head in a Palestinian 'Kassam' rocket attack on the town of Sderot nearby the border with the northern Gaza Strip. Two Israeli children were killed and 15 other people wounded when a rocket exploded outside a home where the children were playing. Israel moved soldiers and armor vehicles into the north Gaza Strip last night in order to stem the firing of rockets by Palestinians into Israeli towns such as Sderot that are only a few kilometers from the border. (EPA/EDI ISRAEL ISRAEL OUT)

Three-year-old Cambodian boy Oun Sambvath kissing his curled best friend -- a four meter-long (13.1 feet) female python name Cham Roeun in Set-Tbau village, Kandal ptovince about 22 km south of Phnom Penh. He has been playing with the python ever since he could first crawl, said his mother Kim Kannara. (EPA-PHOTO/EPA/HENG SINITH)

Roma girl playing with her dog in the Zitkovac refuggee camp in North Mitrovica, where 40 families and 100 children live near toxic metal waste left from the Trepca mines, which were among the largest in Europe, supplying lead, zinc and gold. The Roma were forced to the Serb populated northern side of the divided province when their houses were burned to the ground in the Albanian populated south Mitrovica during the violent retaliations against Kosovo Serbs and Rom in 1999. (AFP PHOTO / ERMAL META)

A young boy watches a back street soccer game in Accra, Ghana, 09 February 2008. With a very successful Africa Nations Cup having just been staged in Ghana and Africa about to host it's first FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010, the interest in the peoples game in Africa is on the increase. Coupled with this is a large number of African soccer stars playing in European clubs. (EPA/KIM LUDBROOK)

An Indonesian boy is submerged in foam while playing at a polluted river in Jakarta, Indonesia on 20 April 2009. Earth Day is celebrated 20 April in many countries to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earth's environment. (EPA/BAGUS INDAHONO)


Afghanistan - Kids play soccer in an abandoned swimming pool on Wazir Akbar Khan hill. Soccer is a popular sport in Afghanistan. With no proper grounds available, kids and men can be found playing soccer on the street corners. (Sumit Dayal/Sipa Press)

De fameuze Cody McCasland

Videograb from YouTube of children playing the potentially deadly game 'Pass Out'. A deadly playground game which involves suffocating youngsters and has claimed nearly 100 lives in America... The choking game - also known as the 'pass out game' - involves kids hyperventilating before pushing eachother in the chest to black out. Dozens of clips have appeared on the web and experts and teachers have warned that British schoolkids are mimicking the craze - with potentially fatal consequences. Shocking footage has emerged showing young teens crouching down and breathing rapidly before leaping up. Then they either hold their breath until they fall unconcious or are pushed in the chest by pals.

Japanese children play at Nishi Rokugo Koen in Tokyo on 6th September 2009. The "Tyre Park" is a playground filled with a huge aray of tyre-creations including robots, dragons, tire swings, bridges, tunnels, montains and slides. Approximately 3,000 old tyres were used to set up the playground.

Volwassenen en kinderen vermaken zich op het 'ezelsoor', het schuine dak van een parkeergarage/supermarkt op het Amsterdamse Museumplein. (ANP MARCEL ANTONISSE)