Holi, Indian Festival of Color

13 March 2012 / All photos: © ANP /

Holi (also known as Dol Jatra, Basantotsav) is the Hindu festival of colors. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season, on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna.
Holi is celebrated by people throwing perfume and coloured powders at each other. It has roots in many Hindu legends associated with the triumph of good over evil.

Indian children play with colored powder during the procession by Hindu Utsav Samiti on the occasion of the Rangpanchami festival in Bhopal, India,

A man smears bright green powder on a woman's face as they celebrate the Holi festival in Barsul village 89km west of Calcutta, India,

Girls throw coloured powder at each other during celebrations of the Hindu festival 'Holi' in Bangalore

British Asian actress, singer and model Sofia Hayat (L) and Indian Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant (R) celebrate Indian Hindu festival ‘Holi’ at a Zoom party in Mumbai

Pakistani Hindus gather during Holi celebrations in Lahore

An Indian student puts Aabir (coloured dust) onto a friend's face during Vasantotsav, 'the Festival of Spring' in Kolkata

A man drives a two-wheeler with his children covered in colours during Holi celebrations in New Delhi

An Indian youth jumps into coloured water during Holi celebrations in Hyderabad

Bangladeshi youths spray colored water on each other as they celebrate Holi, the festival of colors at Dhanmondi Lake in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Indian women beat men with wooden sticks as the men shield themselves during the annual Lathmar Holi festival in Barsana village, Mathura

Indian villagers smear themselves with colours during the Lathmar Holi festival at the Nandji Temple in Nandgaon

Hindu revellers celebrate to mark the festival of Holi, in Chaman Pakistan

A tourist put his face into a plate of Aabir (coloured dust) during Vasantotsav, 'the Festival of Spring' in Kolkata

Indian people are smeared with colors as they play Holi, the festival of colors in the northern Indian city of Jammu, the winter capital of Kashmir

A tourists gestures as she enjoys a moment celebrating Holi with local people in Kolkata