Famous people versus gravity

24 October 2012 / All photos: © ANP /

People get older every day - that's a given. But everybody deals differently with the process of ageing. In the case of famous people, some carry it with dignity while others go grey kicking and screaming. Many grow fat while a few drink themselves thin, and some people never stop pretending they're still in their early twenties - while behaving accordingly, much to the annoyance (or malicious pleasure) of the audience they force their wrinkled personalities on. Here's a few (mostly Dutch) celebs and their battle against gravity.

aguilera.jpg Christina Aguilera is going Adèle on us. Or is she, deep down, really actually a black woman trying to fight her way out? If so: you're doing a good job, Tina.

patty.jpg Patty Brard: It used to be Luv, but it's over now...

paay.jpg From skinny singing sweetheart to self-conscious woman who wasn't afraid to go nude for Playboy at age 60: Patricia Paay is a woman who faces the climbing of the years with dignity. We say this without irony because we didn't actually see the Playboy pics.

sylvia.jpg The old woman on the left is the recently deceased Sylvia Kristel. The young beauty on the right is het silver screen alter ego Emanuelle. Who is more likely to live on in people's memories?

mariah.jpg After seeing recent pictures Christina Aguilera, we suspect Mariah Carey has donned a fat suit to follow the trend. Or no, wait. She's in her forties. Finally, she's taking on some all natural body weight.

katja.jpg Bombshell brunette Katja Schuurman was often named in one breath with the word 'oyster'. Today, 'clam chowder' comes to mind first.

tatjana.jpg Most famous Dutch nude model from the eighties and early nineties: Tatjana Simic. Pic on the left is from one of her much desired nude calendars. On the right is how she looks today: like the wife of an Eastern European president. She's taking that body to the pages of Playboy again soon, though.

monique.jpg Monique van de Ven. Famous for many roles, but especially remembered for Turkish Delight. The picture on the right is taken from that movie. It was actually pretty hard to find one in which she had her clothes still on.

erica.jpg Erica Terpstra, once an Olympic gold medalist (4x100 freestyle), now a much liked television personality and sports promotor.

bassieadriaan.jpg Clown and acrobat brothers Bassie and Adriaan, forever world famous in the Netherlands. Both in their seventies now and still hugely popular as cult figures.

joling.jpg Gerard Joling: from fancy gay wedding singer to ageing gay hipster. His hairdo has actually improved, though.

gordon.jpg Gordon: from inconspicuous folk singer to ageing gay wedding singer.

bonny.jpg Bonnie St. Claire. Former singer, professional alcoholic.

conny.jpg Once Conny Breukhoven was a real vamp with strong body language and smokey bedroom eyes, now a real vampire with strong thirst for silicone and an ability to scare anyone out of her bedroom.

linda.jpg For years and years (and years, and years), Linda de Mol didn't seem to age a day. Skin preservation runs in her family - and in her plastic surgeon's skills. But slowly, the gap between girly and granny is starting to show.

caroline.jpg From limber showgirl in a sparkling outfit, to orange baby whale. Or is it just Caroline Tensen's poor choice of dress?

ton.jpg Ton Elias. Born this way.