Food crisis at the Paris Fashion Week

04 October 2012 / All photos: ANP /

Remember, when fashion models were ravishing beauties, stunning in their appearance with glowing skin and shining hair, even without the illumination of the catwalk spotlight or photographer's flash bulb? Well, those were the days - and they are gone. Today's models appear to be quenched, spoilt, and bored. But most of all they appear to be very, very hungry.

20810785.jpg "I have no zest for life. None."

20809120.jpg This dress makes me crave lettuce. Leaves and leaves of lettuce.

20809260.jpg Look closely into these hollow eyes and you will see mountains of cheeseburgers.

20808256.jpg Her older sister played Wednesday Addams in 1991 cult horror comedy The Addams Family.

20808245.jpg And so did hers.

20808027.jpg This dress is called 'The Last Bride of Sobibor'.

20806805.jpg Here's what a life of eating vegetarian sushi will do to you: you end up in a hospital gown.

20806800.jpg Walking sticks parading the floor boards in cautious concentration. If they misstep and break something, they are shot and ground into glue.

20806798.jpg "What do you mean 'You should drink more milk'?"

20806075.jpg iPod telling her: "You are NOT too fat. Your are NOT too fat. You are NOT too fat."

20806068.jpg Models sitting backstage, waiting for the caterer coke dealer to take away their perpetuous feeling of emptiness.

20801019.jpg This dress would look lovely on a pretty girl.

20800790.jpg "I am Zee'ma from the planet Famine. Take me to your nearest cucumber farm."

20800759.jpg There is some room for historic reconnaissance at the Paris Fashion Week. This is a grotesque reenactment of the liberation of Paris in August 1944, when people were starving after almost five long years of German oppression.

20797889.jpg Just look how elegantly this tent pole holds up the blue canvas of a stylish tent.

20796715.jpg This combination is calles 'Bicycle frame with two tires'.

20791908.jpg This model shows the latest anorexia clinic resident's clothing.

20791849.jpg This boy is imitating a poor Rumanian gutter-child. Don't you just want to take him in, light a fire and cook him some porridge?

20791841.jpg This girl is being wrapped in plastic, in an ultimate attempt to keep her fresh.

20783437.jpg Pensive girl tries to remember the last time she had a decent meal.

20780720.jpg Line of women on death row.

20780518.jpg Surprise appearance: the post mortem alter ego of Alanis Morissette.

20770704.jpg This girl is obviously too fat. Look at how loose her belt is.


19718534.jpg The only thing heavy on this model, is the make up around her eyes.

20800580.jpg "WTF, you guys are like *this* thin!"