Beer & Boobies! Oktoberfest 2012

08 October 2012 / All photos: © ANP /

Das Oktoberfest! The biggest beer party in the world. Two weeks of beer, babes und bratwurst. The party has ended, but the photos prevail. GigaPica collected dozens of sharp images of not-so-sharp party people roaming the streets of Bavaria, occupying beer gardens and relieving themselves of copious amounts of food and alcohol, interspersed with fine images of beautiful German girls & women flaunting their luscious curves: the only reason anyone really cares about the tradition and the costumes of Oktoberfest. Zum Beifall!

0035.jpg After careful examination of this picture, we decided that these two Mädchen can't possibly be underage. And the same goes for the entire series of photos. So you're fine - just keep scrolling.

0039.jpg The dude in the top right of the photo just realised he is sitting at the wrong table.

0028.jpg The German word for 'duckface' is 'Entenschnabel'.

0021.jpg No, their heads are exactly the same size.

0044.jpg The Killing Fields.

0038.jpg The girl on the left is grinning like an idiot because she scored a phone number.

0014.jpg Desperate Housewives of Deutschland.

0016.jpg Would you like me to machen ein heisse Hotdog for you, ja?

0024.jpg "I have a pair of suspenders on my pants and I'm not afraid to use 'em."

0036.jpg If you look really hard, you'll notice one of the girls is wearing glasses. At least, we think one of them is wearing glasses.

0027.jpg The girl on the right is wearing the bra of the girl on the left. Strange effect, huh?

0029.jpg Bird's eye view is probably the best angle for Oktoberfest pictures.

0044.jpg Okay, this one is not during Oktoberfest 2012. But who cares?

0041.jpg That must be his sister. Right?

0047.jpg This girl is in for a scare when she turns around. The next image involved screaming and the throwing of beer.

0023.jpg A simple human autofocus test.

0017.jpg Robin Ho.

0032.jpg "Hmm, should've gone for a push-up bra, like everybody else.."

0015.jpg Man in background: "Flaunt it if you got it!"

0042.jpg Be wise. Put a protective cover over your flute.

0043.jpg 6.4 million people drank 6.9 millon litres of beer, which they used to flush down the weight equivalent of 116 oxes and 57 calves in meat.

0013.jpg Man (left) demonstrates practical use of beer goggles. Other man (right) cheers this.

0011.jpg A rather complex but very effective Oktoberfest Corset Durability Test Device.

0030.jpg Let's not start bitching about this lovely girl's Entenschnabel, OK?

0034.jpg Two girls discretely turn around to mock the awkwardly clapping gay guy behing them.

0031.jpg "Yes, I have two big jugs. What's your point?"

0022.jpg Over 800 'beer corpses' were removed from the festival grounds by the Red Cross.

0037.jpg Traditional dresses were sold out, so these girls resorted to Victoria's Secret in a most shameful attempt to blend in.

0020.jpg Man on left quietly praying for more beer while boy on right is groping girl in the middle while feigning innocence.

0040.jpg Easy to spot beer tourists who are A) wearing an off-culture outfit and B) don't feel comfortable wearing them.

0025.jpg Bavarian riflemen fire gun salute on the steps of the Bavaria monument at the Theresienwiese fair grounds at the last day of the world famous beer festival

0018.jpg Left: perception of female attractiveness after 1 beer. Middle: perception after 2 beers. Right: perception after 3 beers.

0046.jpg Ah,the sheer, unspoiled innocence of pigtails.

0045.jpg Scheisse! Alles ist vorbei!