Kim Jong-un looking to start a war

29 March 2013 / All photos: ANP /

War is about to start between the almighty USA and the impish North Korean lad Kim Jong Un. While the world holds its breath, the Koreans try their best to take some fear away from the world. Check out these official press pics below, and rest comfortably knowing that it takes a helluva lot more than one loopy dictator to bring us to our knees.

kim_sturgeon_2506919k.jpg Newest developments in the North Korean war machine: underwater drones. Silent. Deadly. Ill-tempered.

0024.jpg Harro? This Logitech helpdesk?

0023.jpg Koreans don't understand the principles of camouflage (part 1).

0022.jpg Let's see.. Four pizza hawaii, 2 pepperoni, and hold the anchovies.

0021.jpg Korean tanks pointing at things.

0020.jpg Yes Mr. Dictator. Please sign here, here, and there to OK a nuclear strike on the Americans.

0019.jpg Game. Where's Kim?

0016.jpg Accidentally released picture of premature celebratory events. Doesn't matter. Victory is imminent.

0015.jpg Kim unfolds his attack plan for ground troops. It appears to be a point & awe strategy.

0014.jpg Kim's face is saying what you're thinking: "I wouldn't even let my dog..."

0013.jpg Nobody dares to tell Kim the sea is a little more to his right.

0011.jpg "Boooooling!"

0012.jpg "Guys, let's beat the drums in that direction."

0010.jpg Kim: "Gentlemen. Pick your weapons. Let's blow them away."

0009.jpg "Yes sir, we have indeed confiscated these assault weapons from buskers whom we strongly suspected to be spies."

0008.jpg "Now together, and PLEASE keep tune this time fellas."

0007.jpg "Does this creepy ceiling freak you out as much as it does me?"

0006.jpg "That's a mighty fine coat you're wearing, son."

0005.jpg All quiet at the beach lesolt.

0004.jpg "This looks impressive sir, but it's actually just a basic two stroke engine for a scooter. But we are sure this will fool them into thinking we can kick their demon ass." - "Dude. That simple huh? Awesome."

0003.jpg "Dude, you feel like you're in Star Wars too?"

0002.jpg Depiction of America: the devil's playground.

0001.jpg "No sir, the red button just opens a new tab in Safari."

n27_RTR3EQ0B.jpg North Korean child soldier about to burst in tears after fearless leader took his Viewmaster from him. Fearless leader about to burst into rage because he can't see shit through the damn binoculars.

kim_jong_un_soldiers.jpg Check out the arm candy on this dude.

2013_03_11t111419z_17616959.jpg Looks impressive. Very shiny, with the bright green against the pale yellow backdrop.